Aqua Marina is always exploring how to make racing boards to make them even more rigid and lighter. With the 2021 season, they present Quadruple Stringer technology, which means that it is reinforced on the front and back with two strips each, which enables 25-30% better rigidity. The hull is long and narrow, yet stable so you can easily gain and maintain speed. It is intended for experienced paddleboarders, as it is a real racing machine. Race is a two-layer board that, with its shape and length-to-width ratio, will be ideal for those looking for a rigid, stable and fast board. For those who have been paddling for a while and may want to try their hand at it, or for those who are already experienced racers. The longer version is 427 cm long, 69 cm wide and carries a maximum of 160 kg. With this season, the board also has an updated design and we’re sure it will impress you with its fresh look!

Racing boards are designed to be suitable for both advanced and experienced users and professional athletes. With their unique pointed shape, they enable fast and dynamic gliding on water. The combination of additional reinforcement and two layers means an even more rigid and light board.
Through the D-rings you can easily thread an elastic that will keep your cargo or luggage firmly attached to the board. The EVA pad in the middle of the board will make sure that you do not slip, and the neoprene handle will ensure that you can carry the board without any problems. Racing paddleboards also have a “kick-pad”, a raised rear part of the EVA pad, which helps you turn the board quickly when you put weight on your rear leg.. Since the paddle is not included in the set, we recommend that you buy lighter paddles, as their weight will definitely be known on longer tours (eg Solid, Carbon Guide / PRO / X). Since the Race inflates at 18 psi, the included two-way air pump will definitely come in handy.

The boards has a 1 year warranty.

In the set: backpack, Double Action air pump, 1 center fin, safety leash, repair set

Model: BT-21RA02
Volume: 360 L
Dimensions (in cm): 427 x 69 x 15
Net weight of the board: 12 kg
Optimal load: 125 kg
Maximum load: 160 kg
Fins: 1 center racing
Special features: two-layer board with additional reinforcement (Quadruple Stringer Technology)
Maximum air pressure: 18 psi